The structure of our client portfolio management is underpinned by a set of principles, again reflecting what our clients have told us is important to them:

  • It should maximise the reliability of meeting clients' income or cashflow objectives.

  • It should offer a range of well researched investments in a tax-efficient, cost-effective and administratively simple manner.

  • It should be transparent and conceptually simple to understand, giving clients a clear and comprehensive view of their portfolios and how those portfolios will meet their needs.

  • It should be flexible so that it meets individual clients' needs, preferences and attitudes towards risk.

  • It should provide our clients with ready access to their money when it is required to meet their spending needs.

  • It should have an emphasis on protecting our clients' capital with consistent, competitive returns.

Each investment which contributes to the portfolio is carefully researched and selected from a range of complementary New Zealand, Australian and global investment options.

Our adviser's are paid by salary. Their only concern is your best interests.