Generation Wealth Management is an investment solutions group forged from the experience of long-term financial advisers Mike Jones and Jon Davies.

Our team shares a vision to reinvigorate the private investment sector and to take the services offered in a new direction. Here at Generation Wealth Management we have worked to completely rebuild the way in which advice is offered to our clients.

At Generation Wealth Management, we partner with everyday New Zealanders to help them plan for and enjoy their retirement. We do this by assisting our clients to develop financial plans and a series of investment portfolios built on a detailed understanding of each person's unique spending or savings needs, lifestyle and investment goals.

Our business is anchored firmly on trying to deliver exactly what our clients told us was most important to them.


Financial advice given in a manner our clients understand and are more involved in.


Ensuring our clients understand what their money is invested in, how it is invested, and what our advice costs.

Reliability of income

A top priority for our clients.

Capital preservation - whilst competitive returns are very important, most people are happy to forgo chasing the highest returns if it means they don't see substantial fluctuations in the value of their investments.

We're proud of the progress we have made in building Generation Wealth Management. We are excited about your future and ours, and look forward to talking with you.

All investments recommended by Generation Wealth Management have been fully researched.