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First and foremost, Generation Wealth Management focuses totally on providing advice that will assist clients to meet their financial and lifestyle goals.

Our clients are New Zealanders who have worked hard during their lives and have accumulated retirement capital. They are seeking to preserve, build on and manage that wealth as they approach, and enjoy their retirement. We strongly believe in the value that high quality financial advice can deliver them.

At the foundation of our and our client's success is the firm's expert knowledge and enthusiastic team. Their expertise covers all areas of investment strategy and management including taxation, retirement planning, Estate planning and wealth accumulation. At Generation Wealth Management, clients gain access to specialist professional advice covering all areas of personal financial affairs. Generation Wealth Management is wholly owned by its management . All of our advisers have been in the industry for more than a decade.

Generation Wealth Management is represented by offices in Albany, Botany and Pukekohe and our advisers travel throughout Auckland.